Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Course!

  2. 2
    • Are You a Financial Procrastinator? 5 Ways to Overcome it

    • 6 Common Financial Stress Triggers and How to Overcome Them

    • What is Lifestyle Creep + 4 Ways to Avoid it

    • How to Address Overspending Habits

    • The Emotional Effects of Debt

    • Investments Keeping You Up at Night? Managing Stress During Market Volatility

    • 4 Easy Tricks to Avoid Getting Emotional About Your Investments

    • What to Do When the Market Tanks

    • Evidence-Based Investing: What Is It?

    • What Are The Signs and Symptoms of a Money Disorder?

  3. 3
    • What goes into FICO scores?

    • What Issues Should I Consider When Paying Off My Student Loans?

    • Am I Eligible For An IDR Plan For My Federal Student Loans?

  4. 4
    • Master List Of Goals

  5. 5
    • How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

    • How to Talk to Your Spouse About Money (Without Fighting)

    • Happily Ever After: Financial Planning For Newlyweds

    • Getting Married? 5 Financial Considerations to Discuss With Your Partner First

    • Blended Family Finances: 5 Tips for Success

    • How Money Problems Can Affect Relationships